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A gem located in the south central region of England, this area has long been recognized as the perfect mix between historical and modern. Those looking for property for sale are often searching for the old town charm with the modern flair. At, property for sale in Basingstoke can be found in a number of different styles. As an economic center for the country, there are many different industries represented, making employment rates very solid and keeping the economy strong and flourishing. With pharmaceutical, telecommunications, insurance and electronics companies headquartered here, the area is well known to professionals and considered to be highly desirable.

  • Numerous local districts create individual communities that are united into one larger city, offering diversity for families and individuals seeking to find rental property in Basingstoke
  • Multiple amenities, including shopping areas, schools, churches, nightlife and parks/recreation opportunities
  • Convenient commute to London, with a distance of only 77 km, which expands employment opportunities significantly
  • Nicknamed “Roundabout City” because of interesting roadways with frequent circulars
  • Mild climate makes outdoor activities accessible on a year round basis

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